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A water well drilling rig is an integrated system that drills water wells in the earth’s subsurface. WildHeron Drilling has a growing stable of innovative drilling rigs, that are meant to cover the wide range of needs our valued customers have. No matter the project, we here at WildHeron have the machinery to get the job done.

GEFCO 22-RC-HD Drill Rig

WildHeron’s reverse circulation rig is called a GEFCO 22-RC-HD Drill Rig. This unit is a top head drive rotary unit that is PTO powered and used for our large mud drilling projects, yet it’s compact enough to get into tight locations for us. It has a maximum hook load of 66,250 lbs. and a single line pull of 18,000 lbs. The GEFCO 22 is full of power and makes short work of those agricultural and municipal well projects. If you need a large diameter well, to support ag and municipal operations

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The Rotary Table, Multipurpose GEFCO 22 unit is mounted on a Peterbuilt 6×4 truck with a Cummins ISX diesel engine. All on
top of 22,000 lb. front axle with 425/65R22.5 tires mounted on aluminum wheels and tandem 46,000 lb. rear axles with 11R22.5 tires mounted on aluminum wheels. The truck has (2) 100 Gallon fuel tanks mounted on each side. The cab is equipped with heat, air, a radio and drivers side air suspension seat. truck.

The GEFCO 22 is PTO powered and geared toward large mud drilling projects, yet is compact enough to get into tight locations. With a maximum hook load of 66,250 lbs. (30,050 kg) and single line pull of 18,000 lbs. (8,164 kg).

PTO, Drive: Enclosed steel gear box, with pressurized lubrication, filtration and cooling. The PTO intersects the truck driveline to enable the unit to be shifted to stationary or highway use. Includes four (4) hydraulic pump drive pads, and a clutch for engaging and disengaging the compressor, when optional equipment requires it.

8-1/2” Rotary table: Consists of spiral bevel gear type rotary table enclosed in oil bath case with 8 1/2” diameter opening (6 1/2” sq. opening with master drive bushing), hydrostatic drive, 4-speed transmission, table mounted in a sliding frame which can be hydraulically retracted 18”; 4 1/4” diameter fluted Kelly with drive keys and bushing, and Kelly mud bucket.

Mast and Crown Block: Consists of spiral bevel gear type rotary table enclosed in oil bath case with 8 1/2” diameter opening (6 1/2” sq. opening with master drive bushing), hydrostatic drive, 4-speed transmission, table mounted in a sliding frame which can be hydraulically retracted 18”; 4 1/4” diameter fluted Kelly with drive keys and bushing, and Kelly mud bucket.

Drawworks-hydrostatic Controls: Double Drum. Each drum is equipped with a two-plate 18” (457 mm) air clutch. Each drum has two (2) 6” x 24” diameter brake bands. One drum is used to handle Kelly and swivel and other drum handles drill pipe and tools. Single line pull on the bare drum is 18,000 lb. capacity for each drum. Each of the main hoist drums is equipped with Lebus grooved spoolers. The drawworks is enclosed with shielding at all locations except the entry and exit of the hoisting lines; one for the Kelly and for the main hoist drum.

Swivel: 30KG King Oil Tool swivel with a static capacity of 95,000lbs and a rotating Capacity of 44,000lbs. Five angular Contact bearing, 4 down and 1 up. 3” fluid passage, packing box contains Chevron adjustable packing and Washpipe.



  • RATINGS: Maximum hook load 66, 250 lbs. (30,050 kg) on bare drum.
  • FRAME: Structural steel frame complete with mast hinge posts, mast rest and operators platform.
  • POWER TAKE-OFF: Full torque gear type with helical gear, positive lubrication.
  • DRAWWORKS: Double drum, each equipped with two-plate air clutch and 6 x 24 (152 mm x 608 mm)
    double brake band. Single line pull 18, 000 lbs. (8,164 kg) on bare drum.
  • MAST: 35 ft. (10.7 M) working height. Rated gross capacity 111,000 lbs. (50,350 kg).
  • LIGHTING: Five (5) shockproof 12-Volt lights.
  • BREAKOUT TONGS Hinge type with various lug jaws. Fitted for diameters required.


  • MOUNTINGS: 6 x 4 or 6 x 6 Conventional style truck with up to 525 HP.
  • MUD PUMPS: 5 x 6 Piston pump; 5 1/2 x 8 Piston pump; 7 1/2 x 10 Piston pump; 4 x 3
    Centrifugal pump, hydrostatic driven.
  • AIR COMPRESSOR: 300 CFM/200 PSI or 500 CFM/200 PSI
  • ROTARY TABLE: 8 1/2 in (215 mm) Retractable; 10 in (254 mm) Retractable or 18 in (457 mm).
  • PULLDOWN/HOLDBACK: Chain / hydraulic motor feed system with pulldown to 25,000 lbs. (11,340 kg);
    Holdback to 15,000 lbs. (6,804 kg). Not available with 18 in table.
  • KELLYS: 4 1/4 in dia. x 24 ft. long (108 mm x 7.3 M); 5 in dia. x 24 ft. long
    (127 mm x 7.3 M)
  • SWIVEL: 2 in (50 mm) or 3 in (76 mm). Others available on request.
  • MAST EXTENSION: Various lengths available

2023 TH60 Water Well Rig

Built to the highest standards, the TH60 has a long history for robust and reliable performance. This top-head drive PTO drill rig has a strong, mid-weight design that’s ideal for water well contractors, dewatering, geothermal drilling services, uranium drilling and many more deep-hole applications.

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 Rotary and DTH drilling with 40,000 lb (18,144 kg) or 70,000 lb (31,751 kg) of pullback force


  • 1070 CFM 350 PSI IR Air Compressor
  • Peterbilt 367, 247″ WB, Cummins X15
  • 36 Foot Deephole Derrick With 70,000 Lb Pullback
  • 8,000 Ft-Lbs@105 RPM Two Speed Rotary
  • 4.5 In X 2 7/8 IF Spindle With 6 Pipe Carousel, Max Casing Size 19″
  • Standard 3″ 350 PSI Air Piping
  • 25 GPM Bean Water Injection With Foam
  • 30,000 Lb. Drawworks Bare Drum Pull 160 FPM
  • Standard 1 Part Line
  • Aux Winch Avg. Pull 3,900 Lbs, Avg. Speed 220 FPM, No Free Fall, 120 Ft X 3/8″
  • Single Rod Loader
  • Pipe Spinner
  • On Board Mud Package: 3 X4 Hydraulic Powered Centrifugal Mud Pump (300 GPM @ 145 PSI)
  • Tower Bolted
  • Standard Steel operator platform and decking
  • Standard Torque Limit Control
  • Standard Dual Jib Controls
  • Standard Dual Sandreel Controls (If Applicable)
  • 7 Gallon Electric HD Lubricator

2015 GEFCO 30K

The GEFCO 30K, is perfect for shallow municipal or deep residential water wells. With 40,000-lbs (18,143 kg) of pullback capacity and 25,000-lbs (11,340 kg) single-line winch combined with the hydraulic rod spinner makes tool handling fast and easy. This is the flagship of the GEFCO water well line, and continues to be a leader in the ground water industry.

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Mounted on a 6 x 4 truck with a Cummins ISX Export diesel engine rated at 550 HP. Front axle rated 22,000 lbs and Rear axles rated at 46,000 lbs. Heavy duty reinforced truck frame, One (1) 75-gallon fuel tank, and one (1) 100-gallon fuel tank.


  • MOUNTING 6 x 4 Truck, 550HP diesel engine, 68,000 lbs (30,845 kgs) GWVR.
  • MAST 35 ft (10.7 M) height above breakout table.
  • TOPHEAD 5,833 ft/lbs (7,909 Nm) of torque. 0-120 RPM. 2 11/16 in (68.2 mm) diameter opening through quill.29 ft (8.8 M) of travel.
  • PULLDOWN/HOLDBACK Pulldown capacity up to 25,000 lbs (11,340 kgs). Holdback capacity up to 40,000 lbs (13,608 kgs).
  • HYDRAULIC HOISTING DRUM 25,000 lbs winch over jib boom. Line runs over jib boom for positioning drill pipe over the centerline of the bore hole or pipe rack.
  • LEVELING JACKS Hydraulic leveling jacks; two (2) 48 in (1219 mm) stroke front jacks located behind truck cab.
    Two (2) 36 in (914 mm) stroke rear jacks.
  • AIR COMPRESSOR 2-Stage twin screw 1,000 CFM @ 350 PSI (28.2m3min/24.1 bar). Equipped with clutch.
  • BREAKOUT TABLE Retracts hydraulically to provide 18 in (457 mm) opening in frame. Sliding holding wrench to
    hold pipe.
  • WATER INJECTION 18 GPM (68 LMP) four (4) cylinder pump.
  • LUBRICATOR Seven (7) gallon (26.5 L) capacity, electrically controlled. Maximum displacement 3 qts/hr (2.8 L/hr).
  • CAROUSEL Six (6) pod carousel for 4 1/2 in x 20 ft (114 mm x 6.1 M) or 3 1/2 in x 20 ft (88.9 mm x 6.1 M) drill
    pipe. (Pipe included).
  • PIPE LOADER Single pipe loader for 4 1/2 in x 20 ft (114 mm x 6.1M) or 3 1/2 in x 20 ft (88.9 mm x
    6.1M) drill pipe.
  • PIPE SPINNER Hydraulically powered spinner for spinning pipe in or out.
  • BREAKOUT WRENCH Modified 60 in (1.5 M) pipe wrench hydraulically controlled.
  • PIPE CARRYING RACK Mounted on the right side of the frame. Maximum capacity of 15 pieces of 4 1/2 in x 20 ft
    (114 mm x 6.1 M) drill pipe, or 18 pieces of 3 1/2 in x 20 ft (88.9 mm x 6.1 M) drill pipe, total pipe
  • REMOTE JIB CONTROLS Independent controls located opposite driller’s side for jib and winch functions.
  • WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS Length: 35 ft 6 in (10.8 M). Width: 8 ft 6 in (2.6 M). Height: 13 ft 3 in (3.8 M)
    Approximate weight: 56,000 lbs (25,401 kgs) Based on options.


  • MUD PUMPS Choose from 5 x 6 piston pump, 4 x 3 centrifugal pump or diaphragm pump.
  • AUXILIARY WINCHES Tool-handling winches available.
  • ENGINE HEATER 40,000 BTU Engine heater.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I want to personally tell you how much we enjoyed working with WildHeron and the rest of your employees on the well project at Table Mountain Ranch in Red Bluff. Everything went together extremely well because of your diligence and responsiveness. I definitely appreciate dealing with a company like yours. Thank you again. The well is a success, and our relationship is very very solid.”



“From start to finish, we have been impressed with the service we received from everyone at WildHeron Drilling. The crew was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The real stand out, however, is Bryan. His depth of experience and knowledge in both drilling and top side work is evident in the quality of his work. Bryan takes pride in working hard and doing things the right way, and he encourages his co-workers to go the extra mile in every detail of the work, from building the well all the way down to cleaning up the site. We asked him lots of questions and he always patiently explained the process to us at each stage. It was such a comfort to know that our project would be completed to Bryan’s standards and to our satisfaction. We knew that Bryan wanted to do what was right for us, the customer. It is rare, even more so these days, to find such a reliable, conscientious, responsible, motivated and dedicated individual. You are very lucky to have Bryan representing your company out in the field.”



“Ray and WildHeron were great from start to finish. They helped us with the entire well design process and made the entire process easy and pain free. We’d highly recommend WildHeron to everyone!”


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