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WildHeron Drilling was founded out of Rocklin, CA.  We have decades of combined well drilling experience.  We were created out of necessity, as every other well water drilling company had a 6 - 9 months wait and that was not an option for us... nor for the Northern California customers we serve.

We focus on all aspects of water well drilling and pumping systems for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. Primary services include system design, installation, exploratory drilling, cathodic protection drilling, and irrigation well drilling. Serving the Energy, Mining, Agricultural, Ranching, and Residential/Domestic industries, we work to ensure that each one of our client’s Well Drilling needs are being met at the highest standard.


Mission Statement

The proverb says “necessity is the mother of invention.” For us, the absence of a clean water source was our “necessity”. Tired of waiting 6-9 months every time we needed a well, we were forced to take action.  Our mission is simple – To provide access to clean water through the drilling of wells that support customer needs in a timely and acceptable fashion.

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 CSLB License # 1072636

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C-57 – Well Drilling Contractor

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Citrus Heights, Davis, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, West Sacramento, Woodland, Yuba City, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Auburn, Galt, Grass Valley, Lincoln, Marysville, Placerville, South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Colfax, Isleton, Live, Oak, Loomis, Nevada City, Wheatland, Winters, Alta Sierra, Antelope, Arden-Arcade, Beale Air Force Base, Challenge–Brownsville, Cameron Park, Carmichael, Diamond Springs, Dollar Point, El Dorado Hills, Elverta, Esparto, Fair Oaks, Florin, Foothill Farms, Foresthill, Fruitridge Pocket, Georgetown, Gold River, Granite Bay, Kings Beach, La Riviera, Lake of the Pines, Lake Wildwood, Lemon Hill, Linda, Loma Rica, Meadow Vista, North Auburn, North Highlands, Olivehurst,Orangevale, Parkway, Penn Valley, Plumas Lake, Pollock Pines, Rancho Murieta, Rio Linda, Rosemont, Shingle Springs, South Yuba City, Sunnyside–Tahoe City, Sutter, Tahoe Vista, Tierra Buena, Vineyard, Walnut Grove, and Wilton, CA.

Water Well Drilling Service Rocklin, CA | Sacramento Area

Our staff are always available to answer your drilling questions. Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

How deep do you have to dig a well for it to fill with water?

The depth at which a well must be dug to reach the local water level depends on several factors, including the geological characteristics of the area, the local climate and seasonal precipitation and rainfall patterns, and the type of well being constructed.

In general, water can usually be found within 20-40 feet below ground level, although in some cases it may have to be dug as deep as 100 feet or more.  It really depends as there are vast differences in geographical areas.  A professional should always be consulted before deciding how deep to dig a well. They will know the best place to look based on historical data of past drilled wells.  Professional drillers will evaluate all relevant factors before starting the drilling process in order to maximize success rates and minimize costs for proper well construction.

Can you drill a well anywhere and hit water?

No, anyone telling you that is not telling you the truth.  Some places have no water or the water level is so deep it is not economically feasible to drill this deep.  Some places are extremely dry and have hundreds of feet of rock layers to drill through with no water.  Other places, can have water within a few feet but you have a shallow well.  Contact a local water well drilling company to ensure you maximize your chance of hitting water.  They can know where your neighbors have found water or look at past well drilling locations and determine if you are in a dry spot. You can also consort with a hydrologist to find the best place for potential water in your land for your water well

Do deeper wells mean better water?

No, deeper wells do not necessarily mean better drinking water. How the water will be and its quality is determined by a variety of factors such as the geological characteristics of the area and local climate, types of soil, sediment analysis, and more. Therefore drilling deeper does not guarantee better drinking water quality. It is important to consult with a professional before deciding how deep to dig a well so that all relevant factors can be taken into account and success rates can be maximized while costs are minimized.  

Will you always find water if you dig deep enough?

No, you will not always find water if you dig deep enough. Depending on the local geology, local rainfall patterns, and as well as other factors, it is possible to find water at depths of 20 to 40 feet below ground level or even deeper in some cases. However, there is no guarantee that a deep well will contain water. Professional well drillers should always be consulted before any decision is made about how deep a well should be dug in order to maximize success rates and minimize costs.  There are many factors and there is no guarantee that you will hit water unfortunately.

Do you need permission to dig a well?

In California, you need a permit to construct, destruct, or modify a well from your local water districts.  Additionally,  you cannot drill a well on your own, it must be through a licensed well drilling contractor.

In other states, it depends.  Most of the time you need permission to dig a well. Depending on where you live, the rules and regulations for obtaining permission to construct a well may vary. It is recommended that you check with local authorities or your municipality first before starting the process of well drilling. It is better to be safe than sorry, as you can deal with penalties and/or deconstruction of your well.

Can I drill my own water well?

Yes and No.  In the state of California, a well can only be drilled by a licensed well drilling contractor. In other states, it depends.

Many states do allow you to drill your own well, but it is not recommended as many things can go wrong.  It takes a trained professional to solve the many problems that can go wrong with drilled wells.   Some states you can drill one yourself, but again many issues can take place.  The longevity of a well can also be greatly affected if you skip steps in the proper setup of a well and all the things it needs to function properly.  Many different factors influence the longevity and hiring a trained professional can prevent collapse of your well too.

If you need a well for your home, business, or farm contact us today.  We are licensed and trained and have decades of combined experience in drilling water wells.  The drilling process can be complicated and having seasoned well drilling technicians can save you money in the long run and save you money on your water bills each month.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I want to personally tell you how much we enjoyed working with WildHeron and the rest of your employees on the well project at Table Mountain Ranch in Red Bluff. Everything went together extremely well because of your diligence and responsiveness. I definitely appreciate dealing with a company like yours. Thank you again. The well is a success, and our relationship is very very solid.”



“From start to finish, we have been impressed with the service we received from everyone at WildHeron Drilling. The crew was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The real stand out, however, is Bryan. His depth of experience and knowledge in both drilling and top side work is evident in the quality of his work. Bryan takes pride in working hard and doing things the right way, and he encourages his co-workers to go the extra mile in every detail of the work, from building the well all the way down to cleaning up the site. We asked him lots of questions and he always patiently explained the process to us at each stage. It was such a comfort to know that our project would be completed to Bryan’s standards and to our satisfaction. We knew that Bryan wanted to do what was right for us, the customer. It is rare, even more so these days, to find such a reliable, conscientious, responsible, motivated and dedicated individual. You are very lucky to have Bryan representing your company out in the field.”



“Ray and WildHeron were great from start to finish. They helped us with the entire well design process and made the entire process easy and pain free. We’d highly recommend WildHeron to everyone!”


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